Current Students

September 10, 2019

Baylor Scott & White Health Medical Professionals Nursing Internships

Deadlines: Vary

Baylor Scott & White Health offers internships for new graduates and experienced nurses in a variety of specialties, each designed to give you experience, opportunities for learning and a chance to grow your skills. So, if you’re just starting your nursing career, or if you’re changing specialties, we have an internship that’s tailored for the nurse you want to become.

We offer a wide variety of specialty nursing internships across Central Texas and North Texas, including:

  • Adult Specialties: Med/Surg, Rehab, Telemetry, Progressive Care, Critical care, Oncology, Transplant, Women’s services, EE and OR
  • Pediatrics Specialties (offered in Central Texas only): Med/Surg, PICU, NICU, ED, OR and Supplemental float pool

BSN preferred with a 3.0 or above GPA required. Several openings able throughout the year.  Winter opportunities are posted Sept. 1 with positions that begin in January and February, and Summer opportunities are Feb. 1 with positions that begin in June and July each year.