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Research resources

The Office for Nursing Research (ONR) at the UW School of Nursing was established in 1970. The nursing research team provides research support services to nursing faculty, students and staff.

Any grant or non-scholarship funding applications MUST go through ONR before being submitted.

Grant services

Writing a grant? We can help you with:

  • Identifying potential sponsors or funding opportunities
  • Budgets
  • Forms
  • Compliance
  • Approval process
  • Training and lecture series


Software Version Location
ATLAS.ti 7.5.18 Remote Desktop Server
MATLAB R2015B Remote Desktop Server
MAXQDA 12.3.2 Remote Desktop Server
MPLUS 8.2 Remote Desktop Server
SPSS 19 Remote Desktop Server & ONR Library
Stat/Transfer 14 Remote Desktop Server & ONR Library
STATA MP 15 Remote Desktop Server & ONR Library
UCINET Remote Desktop Server

Consultation services

Students and faculty are invited to use our individual and group consultation services.

Modeling parties

Modeling parties are designed to help investigators:

  • Develop and critique their grant design
  • Have their work reviewed informally prior to submission
  • Receive feedback on:
    • Fundability of the project
    • Clarity of the aims
    • Whether the proposed plan will fulfill the aims, and
    • Evaluate the scientific merit

Individual consultations

Robert Burr, Bioengineer

Basic statistics, bioinstrumentation, role of technology in nursing research

Kevin Cain, Biostatistician

Study design & interpretation, advanced statistical analysis

Ken Pike, Research Consultant

Catalyst and REDCap survey design, structural equation models

Adrian Dobra, Statistician

Multivariate models, variable and selection, graphical models and social networks

Laboratory services


Immune function
Molecular genetics
Physiologic testing
Sleep research


Biochemical assays
Sample preparation
Collection methods
and analysis
Heart rate variability
Actigraphy scoring


BOD POD (Body composition)
DNIC (Pain testing)
BioPac (Physiological data)
Ambulatory skin conductance

F31 application help

Due dates

  • December 5
  • April 8
  • August 8

Sample submission timeline

April Discuss research goals with mentor; meet with ONR
May Finalize research and mentorship team
May/June Write research plan, specific aims, background and goals
July 1 Final research plan and specific aims due to ONR
July 25 All business elements due to ONR, begin route to OSP
July 28 Final application due to ONR and routed to OSP

Other resources

Contact ONR

Magnuson Health Sciences Building
Room T-652