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Memo 36: Communicating Concerns About Instruction

If a student has any concerns about a course, course instructor, or course Teaching Assistant (TA), please see the TA or instructor about these concerns directly and as soon as possible. Direct communication with the affected parties is the simplest way to resolve any misunderstandings and miscommunication. If you are not comfortable talking with the TA or instructor or are not satisfied with the response that you receive, you are encouraged to speak to the Department Chair of the course faculty.






Biobehavioral Nursing & Health Informatics (BNHI) Dr. Brenda Zierler 206.227.8116
Child, Family, and Population Health Nursing (CFPHN) Dr. Pamela Kohler 206.616.7962

Student and Academic Services will be available at any time during this process to provide support and guidance. You can contact your academic adviser in Student and Academic Services. Additional personnel in Student and Academic Services are the Director of Student and Academic Services, Patrick Tufford (, phone: 206.616.7898); or Dr. Jennifer Sonney, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, (, phone: 206.685.2161).

Reporting bias and discrimination

If the concern is related to a diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) matter, such as bias or discrimination, in addition to the above, additional options include the following. More information on bias reporting is available on the UW School of Nursing DEI website, and in the UW Presidential Executive Order on Non-Discrimination and Non-Retaliation Policy.

  • UW Bias Incident Reporting Tool (can be anonymous or identified)
  • DEI Faculty Advocates (see listing at bottom of the page); they may be able to provide guidance on how to raise the concern to the appropriate person(s) using an appropriate process.  They, themselves, may likely not be in a position to directly address or resolve the concern.

Additional resources

  • University Ombudsman, 206.543.6028

Revised September 2021