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Student email

When you enroll at the University of Washington, you are asked to sign up for email service through UW Office 365 or UW G Suite by Google.

As a nursing student, you must choose Office 365 for your email service because you may be communicating sensitive information that cannot be sent through Google servers. Office 365 is HIPAA and FERPA compliant while Google is not.


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Choose your email provider

  1. Log in to MyUW to manage your email forwarding.
  2. Choose Forward to Office 365 and click OK

That’s it! You are now set up to safely send and receive emails using the UW Office 365 service.

Nursing student technology resources

Getting Started with SoN Technology self-enroll course

Collaboratively developed by UWS, UWB, and UWT online learning experts, this module is designed to help you orient your remote learning.


Student loaner computers

The School of Nursing’s Learning & Information Technologies (L&IT) team is proud to offer a device loaner program for UW nursing students.

Currently, we only offer Microsoft Surface Laptop 3 and Surface Dock for student checkout.

Loan options

Loaner type Description
Broken computer Short-term, while the computer is repaired
Long-term Waiting for computer order, special projects, etc.
Scheduled Training, special events, check-in process, etc.

Checking out equipment

To request to check out equipment from L&IT Service Desk, please submit a request to Specify the dates needed and the reason for the loan. L&IT will respond with a confirmation of availability.

Devices are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Device availability is not guaranteed until email confirmation and specific models are subject to change at any time.

Computer Vet

The Computer Vet is a free service offered to UW students, faculty, and staff to assist with software problems on personal computers. Staffed by knowledgeable students, the Computer Vet can help with a wide array of technical issues and tasks, including operating system updates, anti-virus installation, P2P software removal, DawgPrint driver installations, and much more.


Additional campus tech resources

Contact L&IT

Not sure where to direct a tech support question? Contact the School of Nursing Learning & Information Technologies (L&IT) Help Desk and they are happy to help guide you to a solution.

Contact UW-IT

Send your questions and comments about UW-IT services to our contacts below. UW-IT monitors its email and phones 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.