Current Students

Many funding opportunities are available for nursing students, both at the SoN and UW and also the community at large. We encourage students to apply for as many funding sources as possible.

Complete information about the types of student funding available, as well as how to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) or Washington Application for State Financial Aid (WASFA), can be found on the UW Office of Student Financial Aid website.

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Funding sources

The School of Nursing has several scholarships to support enrolled nursing students. Scholarship applications are accepted every Spring for funding in the following academic year (Autumn, Winter, and Spring quarters). Funding for Summer quarters will only be considered for students who are required by their degree programs to be enrolled in Summer.  The application is open from April 1st through May 1st. Decisions are typically made in late summer.

We post outside (non-UW) scholarships as they become available. Please check the page regularly since offerings change frequently.

SoN offers a Student Conference Travel Award to support nursing students who want to present their research at regional or national meetings, workshops, and conferences.

PhD students may apply for a Hester McLaws Dissertation Scholarship to support their research expenses.

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Employment during school

Nurse technicians

Current ABSN and BSN students in good standing (all nursing courses must receive a 2.0 grade or better and receive credit for clinical courses) may apply for Nurse Technician licensure after completing NCLIN 301 and 306.

Adrian Acosta ( in Student and Academic Services will verify your enrollment in good standing and projected graduation date on the application.


Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) licensure

ABSN and BSN students who have completed NCLIN 302 and 306 are also eligible to sit for the CNA licensure exam. Some hospitals prefer to hire Certified Nursing Assistants over Nurse Technicians.


Teaching Assistant (TA), Research Assistant (RA), and Staff Assistant (SA) positions

TA, RA, and SA positions may offer students paid tuition and a stipend. In most positions, you help faculty with their teaching or research 20 hours per week. Positions are competitive and have a student union, and applicants must be proficient in English.

Available positions are posted on the paid student positions page.


International students

Per UW policy, all international students must have financial support for the first year of their education as described in their U.S. I-20 visa. International students must plan to fully support themselves in year one.

International students may apply for scholarship support for years two and three; this support is based on satisfactory progress and the relative impact of the scholarship.

We encourage international students to apply for TA, RA, and SA positions. Students applying for these positions must be proficient in English. UW requires English Language Proficiency (ELPR) of all new first-year students and transfer students regardless of residency status. If students struggle with English, they are strongly urged to take English language courses in their first year of school.