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Writing support

Welcome to writing support! We offer individual writing appointments and group workshops to School of Nursing graduate students and have provided writing resources available to all nursing students.

Visit and bookmark our video folder on OneDrive (UW NetID required) for the latest recordings to improve your studying and writing.


"The TA I worked with was flexible, complimentary, efficient at providing feedback,
and provided very useful recommendations."


"It was helpful to have someone in the nursing field review my paper and provide good feedback."


"My group met with the TA a couple times working toward our group paper - she really helped us and gave us peace of mind that we were on the right track, and gave constructive advice. The outcome was really great as well, as feedback from our instructor on our paper was very positive. Thank you!"


"The writing suport RA was patient, personable, and gave me the space to have a discussion on what I needed assistance in."


"Helped to build confidence in writing; the TA is helpful and kind."


"The TA really brought a great perspective to my proposal. She is kind, thoughtful, and clear. I really appreciate her help and hope she continues as a writing tutor at the SoN."


"The writing tutor helped build my confidence as a writer, directly addressed my concerns, and provided constructive feedback."


"The TA was as much a writing therapist as she was writing support. She really helped me get myself together and write."

Writing resources

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Frequently asked questions

How does writing support work?

Easy. Just email me at and I’ll help you figure out what you need and make an appointment.

Will you edit my paper?

I typically use highlighting and make comments on the side rather than editing the text you’ve written. My goal is to help build your writing skills by having a conversation about your writing where I help you identify opportunities for improvement.

Do I have to be on campus to get help?

I’m happy to meet in person or online with Teams, whatever is comfortable for you.

Do you have office hours for walk-in or call-in appointments?

I have weekly office hours each quarter, and update my bookings page to reflect accurate availability. You can find the link below! These are by appointment only, so there is no true “walk-in” time but you are welcome to email me to discuss availability outside of my office hours.

Are your only appointments during the day?

I will work with you to find a time that works for both of us, even if it’s outside my usual hours.

Is writing support just for class assignments?

I can help with whatever academic or professional writing you are doing, including scholarship essays, manuscripts you’re submitting for publication, etc.

Can you help me with my literature search and/or citation management software?

This expertise lives in the UW libraries and is not the focus of writing support. I will occasionally give pointers, but those areas are outside the scope of the writing RA role. A good place to start is the links on the writing support webpage.


Spring 2024 office hours

Please find the updated Spring 2024 appointment availability at the Calendly link below, and email if you would like to schedule an appointment outside of the hours listed.

A variety of 30-minute appointments will be available each week during business hours, 9 a.m. – 6 p.m., Monday-Friday.