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Welcome to writing support! We use Teams to offer individual writing appointments and group workshops to School of Nursing graduate students and have put together writing resources available to all nursing students.

Please email with any questions, comments, or suggestions.

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Frequently asked questions

How does writing support work?

Easy. Just email me at and I’ll help you figure out what you need and make an appointment when appropriate. I typically ask you to submit what you’re working on just prior to an appointment so I can review it and make some notes. When we’re done meeting, I will email you the draft with my comments or my notes.

Will you edit my paper?

No. My role is to help build your writing skills, and the best way to do that is by having a conversation about your writing where I help you identify points throughout your writing process that can be improved. I will typically use the ‘review’ function to make comments to help you remember what we’ve discussed.

How do I get help with my writing?

Currently, all appointments and workshops are held virtually over Microsoft Teams (preferred) or telephone. Teams allows us to talk while looking at your paper together and making notes. Once we decide on a time, I will send an appointment. You can then create a free account with your UW email and either download the app or simply login online and “Join the meeting” at the appropriate time.

Do you have walk-in appointments?

Not at this time. Sometimes I can accommodate last minutes requests, but will be more limited in the help I can give since I haven’t had time to review your work.

Are your only appointments during the day?

Nope. I’m happy to make an appointment for an evening or a weekend if that’s what you need. I just need advance notice to make sure I have dedicated time.

Is writing support just for class assignments?

Definitely not! Whatever academic or professional writing you are doing, I can help with, including scholarship essays, manuscripts you’re submitting for publication, etc.

Can you help me with my literature search or citation management software?

This expertise lives in the UW libraries and is not the focus of writing support. I will occasionally give pointers, but those areas are outside the scope of the writing RA role.


Writing resources



Graduate nursing students can set up an appointment for writing services.

  • Email:
  • Spring 2020 hours: Please email me for spring quarter availability.