Current Students

Memo 41: Clinical Placements of Graduate Students at a Clinical Site Where They Are Employed

  1. A student may not enroll for course credit and be paid for the same hours.
  2. If a student is an employee of a site or has any other formal relationship with the site where s/he has been placed to do course work as a student, roles must be clearly defined and separated, in writing and in advance of the placement, as follows:
    1. A faculty supervisor must be listed for each student.
    2. Program or course content and educational objectives for the student’s experience at the site must be detailed.
    3. If a student is also an employee of the site or has a formal relationship with the site, the hours in which the student is functioning as an employee/in the other role vs. the hours the student is functioning as a student must be defined.
  3. In order to avoid potential conflict between the site’s expectations regarding levels of productivity related to site objectives and the student’s use of time at the site to meet STUDENT objectives, a student may not bill for a service s/he provided while in a student role.

Revised January 2018