Current Students

Memo 9: Planned Student Absences

A student who has a justifiable reason for being absent from class will discuss this need with their course instructor and will make any necessary arrangements with the instructor prior to the student’s absence from the class. Thus, leave arrangements will be a primary concern between the student and their instructor. It is hoped, however, that the student will plan ahead for any contemplated leave of absence from classes (either theory or clinical) so that they may make satisfactory arrangements for make-up work (if needed) or meet any other kind of class requirements which might be due while they are gone.

The instructor of the class is responsible to carefully appraise the request with the student and to give the final approval of the request. The instructor will determine whether or not the student needs to compensate for the work missed and to determine with the student what is needed by the student to meet the objectives of the course.

Reviewed December 2017