Current Students

Attendance Policy for Clinical & Lab Courses

Attendance in BSN/ABSN Programs at the University of Washington Seattle Campus

The School of Nursing expects that its students will recognize that they have entered a profession in which commitment to full participation in the learning environment is an essential component of what will become a style of life-long learning. Attendance is expected in all educational activities and is required for seminars and laboratory sessions. In all clinical courses, attendance is required as students are considered to be part of the nursing team.

Students should not expect to be excused from required coursework for personal/family events, such as attending family gatherings, running marathons, or giving presentations at meetings.

In extraordinary circumstances, an absence may be granted at the discretion of the course instructor and course coordinator. The request will be reviewed by the associate dean if necessary. This policy is designed for special circumstances and it should not be considered a guarantee that a student will be granted permission.

If a student must miss time due to illness or personal emergency, he or she must call the clinical instructor prior to the start of the clinical shift. The clinical instructor in consultation with the course coordinator will determine if make-up time is needed. Decisions as to the need for make-up clinical experiences are based on a student’s progress in meeting course objectives. If a student does not meet course objectives, the course will need to be repeated.

Final Exam Weeks

This attendance policy includes absences during final exam weeks. You should plan on being available until the end of the quarter. Final exam week is noted on the University of Washington academic calendar. Any personal plans (e.g., flight arrangements) should be scheduled during the regular quarterly breaks in order to avoid unexcused absences.