Current Students

Student Leadership Board

The School of Nursing Student Leadership Board

Vision: An inclusive, collaborative, and connected student body that works together to support and improve academic and student life for all School of Nursing (SoN) students, as well as to strengthen the health and equity of our community.

 Mission: To represent, advocate for, and build community among all students in the School of Nursing.


  1. Represent the student voice to the SoN leadership, the University of Washington (UW), and community

  2. Provide leadership opportunities for SoN students

  3. Provide non-academic experiences to enhance students’ preparation for future nursing roles

  4. Build community among SoN students in different cohorts, programs, and departments

  5. Ensure student needs and priorities are considered and reflected in SoN decision-making

SLB Leadership Team:

  • President (Strategy Officer): Cindy Hoffman
  • Vice President (Operations Officer): Goretti Siu
  • Vice President-elect: Devon Woodley
  • Records Officer: Carly Watson
  • Finance Officer: Susan Muthoni
  • DEI Officers: Lauren Fabro & Janice Lin
  • Communications Officer: Leigh Kalaman

Student Organizations:

  • BIPOC Group
  • Diversity Awareness Group (DAwGs)
  • Diversity Committee
  • Community Service Committee
  • Fundraising Committee
  • Future Nurses Club
  • Health Advocacy Committee
  • Mary Mahoney Professional Nurses Organization
  • Mentorship Committee
  • Nurses for Sexual & Reproductive Health
  • Self-Care Committee
  • UnicoRN



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