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Undergraduate Nurse Skills Kit

About the Nurse Skills Kit for undergraduate students

The UW School of Nursing Simulation Center (UWNSC) is dedicated to supporting students’ opportunities for hands-on and experiential learning to encourage competent and safe clinical practice. The University of Washington has found that Nurse Skills kits are a useful tool that supports students’ hands-on learning and deliberate practice. Our utmost priority is the safety of students when using these supplies, and so we have implemented guidelines to maintain student safety and professional practice. The following document outlines the protocols, policies, procedures, and guidelines that must be followed to safely use the Nurse Skills Kits. These guidelines are in alignment with the UW School of Nursing Handbook and Policies and community best practices in the use of these kits.

The University of Washington School of Nursing provides Nurse Skills Kits to encourage the frequent deliberate practice (systemic and purposeful practice) of experiential activities for their students. Students use the kits as part of simulation center classes and for practicing skills at home. The Nurse Skills Kits are issued to the students through the simulation center, with no direct charge to the student. It is the responsibility of the student to maintain the kit throughout their nursing program, as they will be used for skills practice every quarter. Students are only to open and use the contents as directed by the faculty. The contents of the Nurse Skills Kits are not to be used on humans or animals and should be disposed of properly. Nurse skills kits will be distributed to students on the first day of class the meet in the Simulation Center.

Along with supplies to practice skills, students may check out a “Portable Simulation Training Kit”.

About the SimUMed Kits

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, the university had to quickly convert a brick-and-mortar curriculum to a remote format, and it was determined that more equipment was needed to allow students to practice psychomotor skills. Thanks largely to CARES Act funding that was obtained after the pandemic started, the School of Nursing purchased these kits to provide at no cost to students. The kits were meant to supplement student clinical learning in a remote setting originally. However, we continue to provide these kits, along with on-campus learning opportunities, as it is important for students to practice these skills frequently wherever and whenever they can. Practice makes proficiency. These kits are available to borrow for students to practice skills at home. We also encourage you to speak with your clinical instructors about using the kits to practice just-in-time skills at your clinical site.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) about the Nurse Skills Kit

Why do I need a Nurse Skills Kit? The Nurse Skills Kit supplies will be required for in class activities.  You can also use the Kit to practice skills in the comfort of your own home and to prepare for clinical activities with realistic supplies that you will see in the clinical setting.

How long do I have to use this kit? This kit will be used for your entire academic career for experiential or active (hands-on) learning practice, from your first clinical course NCLIN 301/NCLIN 306 to your final clinical course NCLIN 411. You can even use it after you graduate from the program to help better prepare you for your practice environment.

What does my course fee cover? Course fees support the cost of simulation center equipment maintenance and replacement, additional consumables (such as gloves, sanitizer, cleaning supplies, and skills supplies), this nurse kit, and simulation center services.

How do I dispose of my sharps? You can use these resources:

What if I get injured while using the Nurse Skills Kit? In case of injury please notify simulation center staff, course faculty, and report the injury at: