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Student Conference Travel Award

The University of Washington School of Nursing (SoN) Student Conference Travel Award provides financial support to nursing students to present their research or other original scholarly work at regional and national conferences, meetings and workshops.

This award is supplemental to other sources of funding when at all possible. Students are expected to seek other travel funds from their departments, advisers, or other external sources.

If awarded, students will be required to provide confirmation of presentation acceptance and original receipts of all eligible expenses before reimbursements are made.

Application Requirements

Any UW SoN student in good academic standing may apply. Student applicants will be required to:

  • Attest the presentation was accepted by meeting, workshop or conference organizer.
  • Provide travel details: conference name, location, and dates.
  • Indicate the presentation format (podium talk, poster, panel, etc.).
  • Provide the presentation abstract.
  • Explain how you will benefit by presenting at the conference.


Due dates

Applications for conference travel awards are accepted on a rolling basis. Applications are evaluated once per month. All applications received by the first day of the month will receive a response on or about the tenth day of the month. Applications received after the first will be considered the following month.

Applications may be submitted retroactively for conferences that have already passed, as long as the conference was held both within the past six months and within the current fiscal year (July 1 to June 30, annually).


Availability of funds

The School strives to fund as many student presenters as possible each year. However, travel funding is limited. Awardees may receive up to $350 maximum, dependent upon availability of funds.

What does this award fund?

The travel award can only be used to fund airfare, lodging, and registration fees for travel to present original scholarly work at regional or national conferences, meetings, or workshops. Train fare, bus fare, or personal vehicle mileage may be reimbursed in lieu of airfare.

This award cannot be used to cover costs for rental cars, food or meal per diem, or other expenses. It cannot be used to fund travel to conduct research. All other UW travel rules must be followed.

How are the awards prioritized?

Limited funds are available for SoN Student Conference Travel Awards. The School may not be able to provide travel awards to all conference presenters, or may provide less than $350 to selected recipients. Funding priority is as follows:

Priority status

Student eligibility

1 Students delivering an oral presentation (defined as a scheduled presentation before an audience, usually showcasing the results of a student’s research) at a professional organization’s regional or national conference.
2 Students delivering a poster presentation at a professional organization’s regional or national conference.
3 Students who are part of a panel discussion (defined as several people who are knowledgeable about a specific issue or topic who jointly present information and discuss personal views) at a professional organization’s regional or national conference.
4 Awards are made on a first-come, first-served basis.
5 Students not awarded travel funding the previous academic year.
6 Students who have external or other funding from other sources for their presentation.


The Student and Academic Services (SAS) Scholarships Manager and Associate Dean for Academic Affairs review applications. Final funding decisions are based on the prioritization guidelines detailed above. Funding decisions are made approximately on the tenth day of each month. The SAS Scholarships Manager sends out award notifications.

Getting the Money

All Student Conference Travel Awards will be processed as reimbursements for actual expenses incurred. All reimbursements require submission of original receipts to SoN Finance & Accounting staff. Additional instructions will be provided to award recipients.

Students are encouraged to purchase airfare and register for the conference as soon as possible. Airfare and registration may be reimbursed before the conference. Lodging receipts must show a zero balance and may only be reimbursed after the student returns from travel.


Contact for any information regarding the application and award process.