Current Students

Memo 50: Student Access to Courses

The only means to gain course website access should be registration in the course. However, since tuition-exempt students are required to register later than the first day of classes, instructors may copy and send first-week course content to tuition-exempt students.

Course website access for students

  • Students receive instruction about how and when to register during new student orientation and throughout their academic programs. This registration information is also always available on the SoN and UW websites.
  • Students register according to the published dates on the University academic calendar.
  • Students automatically gain access to a course website after registering for the course, within a couple of days of that registration.

Late registration

The only expected reason to register for a course late (on or after day 1 of the quarter) is to take advantage of a possible tuition exemption option. Students who are eligible for tuition exemption will not register until day three or four of the quarter.

PCE students are not eligible for tuition exemption, so all PCE students are advised to register before day 1 of the quarter.

Students registering late for other reasons (e.g., missed deadlines; upper campus “registration holds” on their student account; unpaid fees or tuition in a previous quarter; etc.) must not be given access to course websites by faculty or staff.

Student notification of requirements

Student and Academic Services notifies students in-person (during orientation), in-writing via email (before orientation).

Faculty should report any registration/attendance discrepancies to the Director of Student and Academic Services, Patrick Tufford,, as soon as they are discovered to differentiate between registration system error and failure of a student to register.

Approved by ET September 2013
Revised November 2013