Current Students

Staff directory

If the contact you are looking for is not listed below, a comprehensive faculty directory is available on the main School of Nursing website.

Student and Academic Services

Name Job Title Telephone Email
Adrian Acosta
Undergraduate Student Adviser
Cher Espina
Director of Admissions and Student Diversity
Anne Hirsch
Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
Kara Jenkins
Compliance Specialist
Stephanie Kirschner
Database Developer
Lanna Lee
Program Assistant
Marni Levy
Scholarship and Student Finances Specialist
Tiffany Liu
Student Outreach Coordinator
Betsy Mau
Graduate Student Adviser
Abigail Mayeda
Curriculum Specialist
Molly McAllister
Director of Curriculum
Savita Mukhedkar
Degree Programs and Graduate Admissions Specialist
Simone Nelson
Manager of Student Outreach and Recruiting
Jenn Rathe
Program Manager, Clinical Education
TeResa Regan
Counseling & Wellness Services
Tatiana Sadak
Graduate Program Director
Patrick Tufford
Director, Student and Academic Services
Jenn Waugh
Web Services Developer & Administrator
Kyla Woodward
Graduate Student Writing Support RA
Shumenghui Zhai
Program Evaluation Specialist

Graduate Track Leads & Clinical Placement Coordinators (CPCs)

Name Job Title Telephone Email
Molly Altman
NM and WHCNS Track Lead
Pam Barney
Betty Bekemeier
PHSL Track Lead
Paula Cox
AGNP-PC Track Lead
Joelle Fathi
AGNP-AC Track Lead
Jessie Marks
PNP and PCNS Track Lead & CPC
Sarah Matthews
FNP Track Lead
Clare Sherley
Anita Souza
Kristine Takamiya
FNP Track Lead & CPC
Jean Tang
PMHNP Track Lead
Jenny Tsai