Current Students

September 28, 2022

HS Building Husky Card Access

The following message was sent by the Health Sciences Building Management & Health Sciences Security department:

All active Husky Cards automatically have access to all exterior doors at Magnuson Health Sciences, Health Sciences Education Building, South Campus Center, and Foege Building.  However, following the access system upgrade over the summer, many individuals have not been on campus since the new control panels were installed.  Therefore, individuals may need to tap twice on the badge reader to load their information onto the local panel.  If the door doesn’t unlock on the first tap, please allow 10 seconds before the second tap.

The need for a second tap will decrease as individuals visit more doors and enter our buildings on a more regular basis.  Thank you for sharing this important information with your teams so that we do not become overwhelmed with inquiries that can be resolved by tapping the reader twice.

Additionally, new Husky Cards generally need up to 24 hours to become active in the access system.  Please only contact our office if the Husky Card is not working on the second day.